Purpose. Direction. Motivation. Implementation.

The Pillars to Living A Prosperous Life


    Our vision is to help you create more FREEDOM in your life by teaching you how to discover your purpose, direction, motivation and implement smart actions towards achieving your worthy ideal so that you can live your best life.


    Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower you to significantly increase your performance capability in both your life & business order to achieve a purpose-filled life through understanding and living the pillars of prosperity.


    "If you want to go fast, go alone if you want to go further, go together." A strong community is a cornerstone to living and leaving a legacy and our community made up of first-class leaders.

Your Master Trainers

  • Molly Ann Luna

    Online Business Success Coach

    Molly Ann Luna

    U.S. Army Veteran, former Certified Financial Advisor got her start navigating the online entrepreneurial world over 7 years ago and has since helped professionals from all over the world turn their expertise into smart passive income online. Molly Ann believes that everyone has the power the create the life they want. She believes that with a positive mental attitude and consistent persistent action towards a worthy ideal, anything is possible. With work, everyone has the ability to break through limiting beliefs and to courageously up level their life and business. Her 12-Month elite business success coaching program, The Online Authority Academy takes the startup entrepreneur to six-figures within 12-months or less.

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About Team Luna Productions

Team Luna Productions is a veteran-owned, professional development and multi-media production company. Helping small businesses, veteran entrepreneurs, & corporations develop a success mindset to maximize their fullest potential. We offer executive success coaching, digital streaming services, and manage a global membership community. 

We served in the United States Army for a combined total of 20 years. It was a time filled with early days and late nights, with little to no mercy for mistakes. Looking back, it was an honor and we’re grateful for the lessons they taught us. 

From day one we were given goals and taught to set our own. After a few months of hell, we became confident in ourselves to achieve those goals. We developed a growth mindset, always working to be better for our country. We learned to see the Army as a cohesive and highly functioning business.

The greatest lesson we learned is that no one is to be blamed for your failures and successes but you. That if you want have, do or be something you alone have the power to change that.

Fast forward to my first deployment as a married couple. On top of trying to start a family and possibly plan a life outside the military, the stress of combat and actual life or death became a reality.

In order to keep our sanity in an insane circumstance, we chose to focus only on 4 things; PURPOSE, DIRECTION, MOTIVATION, and IMPLEMENTATION. And in our present life, these 4 pillars have allowed us a full life that’s exceeded our own expectations of ourselves.

Once we found our purpose, our reason for being, it dialed us in and gave us focus. Once we found direction, we were able to see the many paths that led to our goal’s achievements. Once we found our motivation, our why power, nothing besides death was gonna stop our pursuits. And implementation came through planning a SMART and effective strategy.

Because of these four pillars, we’ve been able to achieve our goals while having fun doing it. We’re not saying these four pillars took us out of the darkness, but they helped us see the light at the end of the tunnel. You don’t need 20 years of military service to understand these principles. All you need is a teacher.

Over the last 5 years, we’ve distilled everything that we’ve learned from my military service and some of the greatest teachers in financial, mental, physical and spiritual teachers. We don’t have delusions of grandeur, we have an actual recipe for grandeur. 

We’ve transformed our lives, but now we want to transform yours.

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